What You Need to Consider Before Transporting Rigs

What You Need to Consider Before Transporting Rigs

Oil is a significant source of income in the UAE. As a result, various companies are involved in drilling and rig transport Dubai. As an investor in the oil industry, you need to carry out due diligence to ensure you only hire a reliable transport company to ensure your rigs are delivered to your intended destination. With that said, here are the key elements to consider before transporting rigs.


The risks involved in working with rigs are very many, hence it is crucial to only hire experienced and reliable engineers. The gantry crane supplier in UAE that you choose has to ensure proper handling of equipment when loading and offloading. Any slight error could result in significant losses.

Company Profile

Don’t just hire the first company that comes your way – choose one that has adequate experience in the industry. Notably, before you settle on any firm, it is important to check on its profile, rating, and previous clients.  The degree of qualification determines the work rate and gives assurance that the job will be done as expected. Lastly, the company must be insured. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you will get compensated in case of any loss or damages incurred during transportation.


This is one of the most important factors to consider since the equipment involved is heavy machinery, hence the cost is more likely to increase depending on the mode of transport. So, to reduce long distances over the land, the most preferred routes are the seas or oceans. Otherwise, if the company opts for land, then it would be ideal to go for rail as it is relatively cheaper and can easily accommodate all your equipment in a single trip as compared to road transport.

Accessibility to The Site

Accessing some of the fields can be very difficult. Sometimes there is a possibility of experiencing unusual or unexpected challenges, which requires decisions to be made by staff on the ground. It is therefore advisable that the company making the operation carries out a revisit. This ensures smooth flow during transportation as the company will already have chosen the best routes.


The safety of both the staff and equipment is very crucial. You, therefore, need to consider factors such as the weather conditions, waves (in case of offshore sites), and wind. This means a brief research on the region is important during and before the transportation. Where necessary, the company should also provide adequate and reliable security personnel.

Once you have understood these points, you can then begin your search for a rig transport Dubai.

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