Factors That Affect the Price of a Yacht Rental

With the holiday season at hand such as the formula 1 Abu Dhabi yacht charter and the opening of the seas, there has been a rise in demand for yachts. Residents see yachts as the perfect way to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the blue waters of the sea.

Dubai offers several bays and islands, most of which can only be accessed through the sea. Purchasing a yacht isn’t buying a car. It costly and can only be afforded by the ultra-wealthy. Nonetheless, residents in Dubai don’t have to have all that money to enjoy cruises.

A yacht rental offers a luxury experience, affordably. The rental price of a yacht is affected by several factors. It is essential to know them before you consider renting.


The size of the yacht will affect its price. The bigger the vessel, the more expensive it is to rent. The aggregate rental rate for a mini charter for a week is around AED 50,000. This depends on whether it is a motor yacht or a sailing yacht. Bigger vessels would cost anywhere around AED 360,000.

The Rental Season

Dubai experienced different seasons, all of which attract different prices for yacht renting. During the holidays, rental rates are usually very high. So, if you are looking to spend less on renting a yacht, consider going on a vacation during off-peak season. Prices for chartering a yacht are reasonable if the cost is not a significant issue with you, the taste the waters in the holiday season.

The prices are a bit exaggerated, but the fun and excitement you will experience are immeasurable.

Charter Type

The type of charter you choose will also factor in the amount you will be coughing out for chartering. If you are good at sailing and you have the license to do it, you can save a lot more because you won’t have to pay for sailor services. On the other hand, you will have to hire a sailor to take you around the seas. Nonetheless, the charter type is heavily influenced by the amount it costs to charter a vessel.

The four common charter types include mega yacht, the motor yacht, the catamaran and the sailboat.


You have already decided to don the size of yacht you are going for and the yacht cruise Dubai price. The next step is to determine the destination. If you are travelling with others, and everyone is contributing something, then this will call for a discussion.

Sometimes, a group will choose one person to decide on the destination based on what everyone else desires. When choosing a destination, keep in mind each destination has its peak and off-peak season. If your group loves the private and less noisy experience, then the end or beginning of a season may be the best time to jump on a cruise ship.

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