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Sentinel2500 Case

Stealth Telecom is proud to announce an exciting new line of SENTINEL communications products comprised of powerful VHF/UHF concealed transceivers and extensive array of accessories.


SENTINEL 2500 is a full 5 Watt PEP ASTRO digital compatible radio. It is designed to be worn inconspicuously in a shoulder harness. This unit is a mission specific device which has been developed with the unusual and demanding characteristics inherent in covert operations.


Undercover agents have been invited as consultants in the physical design. Original equipment specifications were confirmed during actual field trials. Body burns from die cast aluminum housing or antenna have been eliminated. Poor earpieces, noisy or non-sensitive microphones, inconvenient wiring and female underwear style eyelets and fasteners have been eliminated. No more torn away grommets, insulating tape repairs and sunken PTT buttons. No more complicated and time consuming removal for battery swap. No failed missions due to weak or unintelligible signals from basement or other difficult locations.




SENTINEL 2500 is a value added product. The basic system is comprised of MOTOROLA’s time proven XTS2500 UHF or VHF transceiver PCB module that has been repackaged into a covert enclosure and fitted with special remote controls and accessories. More than 150 new plastic injection, die cast, stamped steel and other parts have been professionally designed, tooled and manufactured. Rubber over mould polycarbonate resin, silicone rubber seals, multilayer PCB and FPCB, custom made LCD, connectors and cable assemblies throughout the design are on the list of technologies and manufacturing techniques involved in this highly engineered product.SENTINEL Audio Accessories


Important features

  • Top quality ultra sensitive AES encrypted multi channel APCO P25 5Watt transceiver retaining full range of original Motorola XTS2500 Specifications.
  • Full compatibility with original Motorola accessories and keay loader via custom designed Radio Interface Box.
  • Slim yet rugged plastic enclosure of main unit that encompasses an 11deg. offset for best fit on an operator’s body.
  • Class of protection – IP57
  • Increased 1900 mA/h capacity 7.4V Li-Ion battery pack designed for familiar and rapid magazine reloading style for instant battery replacement without radio removal.SENTINEL ST2500 Complete Set
  • Detachable battery pack compartment and separation kit for hipline harnessing while retaining magazine style battery exchange.
  • Gun pouch style axillary harness with integrated antenna and easy access to battery compartment.
  • Wired RS-485 highly ergonomic car accessory styled submersible Remote Control Unit (RCU).
  • Optional ZigBee wireless RCU, powered from custom made quick change 3,7V/160mA/h Li-polymer battery pack.
  • Calibrated pulling force decoupling RCU connectors and cable coiling to ensure wire safety.
  • Added to standard Motorola voice messaging system, extensive prerecorded messages announce system parameters, such as RCU and cables diagnostics, battery status etc.
  • Highly efficient PWM based, AC voltage agile two port rapid charger with charging progress indicators separate for 3,7 and 7.4 V battery packs.
  • Vibration Call option.
  • Tablet style hybrid microphone/inductor unit with high quality, sensitive Knowles microphone and correct permeability permalloy core inductor ensuring reliable coupling with earpiece receiver.
  • Extra PTT tail knob option.
  • Two antennas of different types are included
  • Hipline harness option.
  • Carry case


Sentinel 2500 is available in three different forms:

  • Fully assembled, ready to use systems. Basestation infrastructure can also be supplied.
  • Retrofit kit containing all parts, accessories, software and instructions for your own repackaging of existing XTS2500 radios.
  • Stealth Telecom can convert your XTS2500 radios into ST2500 on request.

Sentinel 2500 meets the needs for a mission specific device encompassing performance characteristics and covert appearance demanded by deep-covert or other surveillance activities.

If your organization is currently using Motorola XTS2500 portables that you are not able to conceal, the Sentinel 2500 is the right solution that you are looking for, The Sentinel is functionally 100 percent compatible with your existing radio fleet. They will communicate out of the box with your other units. A wide array of custom accessories are available for your specific applications.

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