SUPER SKYRIDER 9400 Mobile HF NVIS Magnetic Loop Antenna

Stealth 9400 Mobile HF NVIS Magnetic Loop Antenna has been developed to address the emerging need to reduce the visibility of vehicles fitted with traditional HF antenna systems.

Earlier, the presence of large HF Whip or auto tune vehicular antenna used to make vehicles an easy target. But, the unique design of the 9400 provides for a hidden, almost undetectable presence of an efficient antenna system on the vehicle, which is camouflaged by shaping it as a regular luggage roof rack.

Stealth 9400 Mobile HF NVIS Magnetic Loop Antenna

The highly efficient auto tune antenna radiates with an almost vertical take-off angle. It provides reliable communication within distances that are traditionally affected by skip zones created by the radiation pattern of non-NVIS antennas.

A closed H/Q loop circuitry ensures significant increase in transmitting end receiving power as well as reception immunity to ignition and industrial noise. Compared with the traditional whip-type vehicle antennas, the 9400 gives an additional 9dB of omni-directional gain, even in regions with poor soil conductivity. As a result, the overall performance of the entire vehicular HF installation is now much higher than other vehicle antenna systems.

9400 NVIS Mobile loop antenna is skillfully modeled with extensive use of NEC CAD software. The roof rack has been meticulously designed to become an integral part of the antenna system rather than building the antenna around a random rack. The fully functional roof rack can also be used for carrying almost any kind of cargo, except fuel and light flammables.

The all-welded lightweight aluminum construction of the 9400 provides physical strength, excellent tuning point stability and protects the mechanical parts of the antenna from damage. Made to the highest quality standards and with extensive knowledge of materials, the construction is free of environmental problems such as corrosion due to dissimilar metal joints, UV degrading, low temperature cracking and dehermetization.

The shock-sensitive components of the system are protected by aircraft-type shock absorbing vibroframe. The micro-processor controlled interface of the 9400 allows for flexibility in connection with any type of mobile HF transceiver.

Stealth 9400 Mobile HF NVIS Magnetic Loop Antenna

Stealth 9400 Key Features

  • Power Rating - The antenna is rated for a maximum RF power of 150W PEP.
  • Fully Automatic Operation - The motorized folding loop can change its position within seconds from inside the moving vehicle at any time. The antenna is designed so that it normally operates when the hinged loop is raised. However to support ALE/CALM and other networking functions of modern transceivers, the antenna can work for reception even when the loop is folded down. This feature allows for the vehicle to maintain a "hidden look" till transmission is required.
  • Multipurpose Graphic Remote Control - The rugged construction of the antenna remote control unit allows control and observation of the current antenna position and tuning parameters, through large, easily readable mnemonic symbols and messages on the bright OLED display that is installed on the vehicle's dashboard.
  • Intelligently Designed User Interface - It allows customers to change warning sound signals as well as provides computerized access for radio technicians to the system parameter settings and diagnostics.
  • Easy Installation and Operation - The Antenna is easily installable on the hard roof of vehicles, end both installation & operation does not require highly qualified radio personnel.
Stealth 9400 Mobile HF NVIS Magnetic Loop Antenna
Technical Specifications 9400
Frequency Range 9400A, 1.9-10 MHz, ±2%*
9400B 2.7-15.5 MHz, ±2%
9400C 4.5-22 MHz, ±2%*
Power Rating 150 W PEP
Input Impedance 50 ohms
VSWR Not greater then 1.2:1 at the resonance peek
Pattern Radiation Omnidirectional, HRP Offsets less than 1 dB at two opposite minima, Vertical Elevation Radiation towards Zenith @ 90° (NVIS)
Antenna Bandwidth (Measured @ 3:1 VSWR response curve slopes) 20 kHz at 3.0 MHz Carrier 260 kHz at 15D MHz Carrier
Power Supply Voltage 12-18 VDC/4 A (peak current)
ATU Tuning Method Continuously Variable Tuning
Tuning Drive Method VVC/stepper motor/mutable chopper drive/VSWR bridge/CPU
Tuning Time 3 seconds average, 8 seconds max.
Tuning Accuracy ±1.8° step or
  • approx. +200 Hz at 3.0 MHz
  • approx. ±15 kHz at 14 MHz
Tune Signal [Default settings compatible with Codan NGT series transceivers] Programmable consequence up to 4 bi-directional logic ports, followed by 10-30 W PEP CW
Tune Point Instability vs. Wind/Vibration Not detected at speeds up to 150 km/h asphalt and up to 90 km/h off-road
Tune Point Instability vs. Heat/Time measured, within 3 minutes under 100 W PEP CW Less then 500Hz negative drift @ frequencies below 4 MHz Less than 10Hz negative drift @ frequencies above 4 MHz
VSWR matching Gamma-match/reactance bank
System Serial Bus RS-485, differential
Programming Port RS-232
Dimensions H x W x L, [with out mounting brackets) Folded Up: 740** x 1254 x 1852 mm
Folded Down: 175 x 1254 x 1852 mm
Weight (without mounting brackets] 36 kg
Sealing Withstands rain testing per MIL STD 810 C/D/E
Shock/Vibration Protection provided via Impact resistant vibroframe
Dust and Humidity Protection provided via environmental resistant housing to ML STD 810 C/D/E and connections to MIL C26482
Data is specified for +25C° unless otherwise stated. * Star marked data is tentative. ** - For 9400B only. Specifications are subject to change without notice and are issued for guidance purposes only.


Stealth 9400B Mobile HF Magnetic Loop Antenna

Accessories & Options

9400 Standard Package includes:

  • 94010.10 Roof Rack Antenna Assembly
  • 94020.10 Automatic Tuning Unit
  • 94030.10 Main Unit
  • 94040.10 Junction Unit
  • 94050.10 Remote Control Unit
  • 94060.10 Cable Set
  • 94070.10 Configuration/Diagnostics Software CD and User's Manual

9400 options (select one when ordering):

  • 94080.10 - Wide Roof Bracket Set. Fitting for rain shield type roofs. Vehicles supported include Mercedes Benz G-Class Gelandewagen, Nissan Patrol 1989, etc. Also fits certain sedans, minivans and pickups.
  • 940B1.10 - Tall Ceiling Roof Bracket Set Fitting for rain shield type roofs. Vehicles supported include Land Rover Discovery, Long/Short 110/90 County Station Wagon. It can also fit certain other vans, trucks and pickups.
  • 94082.10 - Slot Type Roof Bracket Set. Fits post 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser, Nissan Patrol. Mercedes-Benz ML - series, etc. Also fits some modern sedans and 4x4s.
  • 94090.00 - Spare Parts & Custom Software.

Note: Some vehicles such as the Hummer may or may not require special design brackets. Please provide the outline drawings of the roof or contact us for more details.

Stealth 9400 Mobile HF NVIS Magnetic Loop Antenna

Download User Manual (3.7Mb)

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