Servicing & Repair


Equipment Repair and Related Services

Stealth Telecom maintains a team of certified, qualified and trained repair technicians who are totally committed to keeping your system performing at peak efficiency. At our SAIF Zone repair facility we utilize the latest test equipment and maintain an extensive inventory of factory original parts.

Our technicians can repair almost any type of consumer electronic receiver or transceiver that you have purchased. Specializing mainly in MOTOROLA brand radio communications equipment, which we repair/servicing by thousands every month, we however can repair many other popular brands such as Yaesu/Vertex, Kenwood, Icom and others. Our goal is bringing your radio back to life. We also offer receiver alignment and tuning of all types of receivers or transceivers

Our engineers are well versed in all aspects of field installations and optimization on Repeater, Base Station, Mobile, Portable, Paging and various antennaequipment. We remain focused on continuing education from the leading technology schools and manufacturer’s training courses. Our highly experienced team performs installation work on Fire Trucks, Ambulances, Rescue Vehicles, Police Vehicles, Marine Vessels, Construction Sites, Airports, Tunnels, etc.We sell and rent genuine Motorola Two Way Radios for the utmost in quality and reliability. Fast and convenient ordering and delivery processes mean that, in most cases, your radios can be on their way to their destination the same day. You can rent your equipment by the week or month, so you only pay for what you need.

We are also capable to support our remotely located corporative clients with establishing their own maintenance divisions. This is achieved through organizing an extensive in lab training programmes and seminars.
Covered topics include background on trunked and enhanced mobile radiobase stations, maintenance, filters, combiners, preselectors, repeaters, linking sites, power and protection, traffic engineering on trunked radio systems, HF networks and site planning. Specific systems discussed include MPT 1327, Smartnet, LTR, TETRA, APCO-25, IDEN and other trunked systems. Also explored equipment shelters, towers and masts, field strength, privacy, modulation, noise, coding, error correction, propagation and fading, amplifier classes, antenna systemsand more.

Repair and Installations

  • Rely on Stealth Telecom to fix it fast and right.
  • Friendly and Professional Personnel that Understand Your Needs
  • Warranty and post warranty support
  • Shop service or field service
  • Installations
  • Radio rentals
  • Factory trained technicians
  • Test equipment
  • Fully equipped vehicles
  • Flat rate price options
  • Extensive original factory parts inventory
  • Factory depot repair programs
  • Fast turn-around

Radio Sales and Rentals

Renting communication equipment can be an invaluable option for all types of organizations. With staffing levels being forced down and productivity being pushed up, you are looking for ways to do more with less. What organizations like yours are finding is the same radio system that helps maximize productivity also can be utilized to increase customer satisfaction. We also know you cannot afford to have equipment sitting around during downtime. So we offer a Radio Rental program that is ready to fulfill the needs of organizations like public safety, petrochemical, construction, transportation, manufacturing or utility.Whether it's short or long-term, on-site or wide area, count on Stealth Telecom for fast, flexible and reliable communications that won't break your budget. Stealth Telecom provides motorola radios and the best two way radio accessories made.

Why Rent?

Reliable and dependable communications are an important tool to help you run your operation more smoothly and safely. Whether you need just a few radios for a long period of time, or a large number of units for just a few days, we're set up to respond. Plus renting radios is a complete write off expense and MOC licensing troubles.


  • Security
  • Planned maintenance, construction and short term projects
  • Emergency response actions or disaster relief
  • Flexibility when a long term commitment isn't desired
  • Staying within budget when capital expenditures aren't possible
  • An interim solution during a technology migration
  • Temporary or sudden spikes in activity
  • Special promotions, events and outings...
  • Trade Show
  • Concerts

In these cases and a multitude of others, we have the cost-effective expertise and capability to design the perfect rental solution for you. The whole process takes only minutes.Should rented equipment fail or get damaged we willimmediately replace it at no charge exceptof rare cases of abuse, liquid damage or loss.Stealth Telecomputs the radios and the experts you need right at your fingertips.

Service Help Center

If you have a radio which you would like to send in to us for repair, please fill out the online service repair form or write/telephone to us for any other service:

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