Company Profile

Stealth Telecom Ltd offers a wide range of products and services delivered expertly to fulfill our customer's needs and requirements. These products include quality products manufactured by Stealth Telecom and other well known suppliers of radio communications equipment. A small listing of activities carried out by our teams nevertheless shows comprehensive hard work behind.


  • LMR HF/VHF/UHF SSB/AM/FM conventional & trunked repeater systems;
  • Portable and Mobile transceivers, Base Stations, GPS equipment;
  • Paging network equipment, Phone Patch consoles, Telemetry modems;
  • Test equipment, Spectrum Analyzers, Network Analyzers, Oscilloscopes;
  • Real-Time monitoring systems (Canopy Networks);
  • Defectoscopy, Non-destructive test equipment, calibration and calibration standards;
  • AM MW/SW, AM/VHF FM audio/video broadcast transmitters & studios;
  • AM MW/SW antenna systems, coaxial cables, transfer switches feeding lines;
  • Self-supported towers, guyed lattice and pneumatic/winch operated stub masts;
  • Armored vehicles loaded with full range of radio communications and detection systems;


  • Installation, alignment and maintenance of telecommunication equipment systems;
  • Turnkey telecommunications projects, consultancy training;
  • Frequency planning and design of RF systems;
  • Antenna Coverage Prediction, Propagation Prediction;
  • Antenna systems modeling, design & manufacturing;
  • NVIS HF Antenna Systems design and manufacturing;
  • Design and manufacturing of matching/phasing networks;
  • System integrated solutions;
  • Telemetry/SCADA/video surveillance CCTV infrastructure design;


  • Fast and reliable customer service
  • Large stock of equipment for rapid delivery
  • Warranty and post warranty repair and maintenance
  • High level of technical service by manufacturer-approved technicians
  • On site support via field engineers and local offices
  • Offering training in the field or at our offices

About Stealth

The Stealth Telecom Ltd., an United Arab Emirates based company, was established in Dubai in 1994 as an independent regional distributor of quality radio communications products. Technically associated with major manufacturers and vendors worldwide as well as with locally based well reputed civil construction enterprises, it has then rapidly grown into well known and successful contender in the field of radio communications service providers capable to supply turnkey solutions from surveying to testing and commissioning of wide range of telecom projects. In line with the ideology of being an integrated solution provider and using impressive several decades RF design and work experience of our engineers and directors, Stealth Telecom has gained expertise in technical support and consultancy services in radio communications and broadcast fields, that objectively have led to the decision of extending of our own research, design and prototyping activities.

Research and development transform ideas into products. Starting from 1999 Stealth Telecom has merged into category of companies devoted to designing, developing and bringing to the market a range of quality niche-market communications products such as antenna systems, antenna matching networks, phasors, diplexers, etc. Stealth Telecom has adopted its storage building located in the Sharjah Intl Airport Free Zone into production plant with modern electronic laboratory, assembly and mechanical work plant facilities.

The personnel who make up the management team are responsible for all design know-how and management aspects of the company. All staff at Stealth Telecom are hand picked for their practical experience, achievement and relevant qualifications.

Our extensive trade experience with clients from private, corporate and humanitarian organizations provides effective feedback that helps to guide our development and production activities in right direction. The company operates from a sound financial base and is committed to steady continuous growth through a focus on its key competencies in product innovation and marketing.

It is the mission of Stealth Telecom to offer a level of products and services unmatched in the radio communications business, servicing customers and clients with state of the art communication solutions based on individual user needs. Our Stealth's team is available to assist our clients in all phases of setting up advanced communication systems; from idea to implementation.

Our Customers

Stealth Telecom distributes and services its products via a dedicated network of dealers and associates. The company recognizes the vital role which its dealers and agents serve and therefore places strong emphasis on a co-operative working relationship with its dealers, based on mutual trust and support. All dealers are selected based on their ability to provide local support and reputation for longstanding customer service. It is through this approach that Stealth Telecom is able to enjoy healthy, consistent sales of its products.

The Company's major customers belong to the following industry classifications:

  • Military, Paramilitary and Police
  • United Nations and other Humanitarian Aid & Relief Agencies
  • Peacekeeping
  • Mining/Oil Field Contractors (exploration/drilling)
  • Forestry Organizations
  • Emergency Services (Natural Disaster Ministries and Organizations)
  • Telecommunications Authorities
  • Road, Bridge, Pipeline Construction Companies
  • Environmental, Conservation and Wildlife Authorities

Quality Assurance

Stealth Telecom is proud of its team of electronic engineers and technicians with extensive experience and competency in the telecommunications field, who work really hard to building up a reputation for supplying quality products and services.

We are committed to maintaining high standards of products and workmanship. Stealth Telecom has established stringent quality assurance procedures to ensure consistently high levels of product and installation quality. Trough an active program of exhibitions and technical seminars Stealth Telecom is constantly seeking feedback from existing clients, and the marketplace, with a view to improving its business operations. All Stealth Telecom products and services are backed by the company's strong commitment to after sales service, support and quality standards.

Thus, briefly stated, our company's philosophy is to forge strong partnership with our customers worldwide through the use of technology, know-how and provide them with a trouble-free high quality products and services.

CNC machine shop

STEALTH TELECOM workshop is a full service machine shop equipped with the latest technology in CNC (computer numerical control) machining to meet your needs in producing complex machined parts efficiently and cost effective. Our customers are ensured of the highest precision quality parts at a competitive price.

Since we are full service machine shop we are capable of taking our customers product from engineering to the final product. Our skilled technicians work from drawings (CAD/CAM, DWG, DXF, CDL, IGES, VDA, ProE, or ASCII files) supplied by the customer or prepared at STEALTH TELECOM Works to deliver the highest precision CNC parts.

Our CNC Machining allows us to use a wide variety of materials, such as Carbon Steels, Stainless Steels, Aluminum, Brass and Plastics. We also do all secondary operations, (drilling tapping, grinding, bending, cutting, welding, deburring, and some small assemblies).

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