Radio Rental


Have a need for short term communications?

We understand that our customer's have varying needs depending on their short term communications requirements. We have experience you need to decide which radios are right for your organization.

STEALTH TELECOM LTD has a large inventory of the Motorola portable and mobile radios, great selection of professional communications equipment geared towards public safety, business and industry, with competitive prices, online ordering convenience and excellent Person to Person Service.

We provide everything necessary for your firm or special event to easily operate a Motorola communication system.

Wireless communication solutions for:
  • Trade shows & Exhibitions
  • Civil construction companies
  • Oil contractors
  • Cultural events
  • Special events
  • Meetings and conventions
  • Emergencies
  • Security

You can rent Motorola radios by the week, month or longer. Renting doesn't lock you into monthly payments. Flexibility for your company or event is assured. Should your rental equipment fail, it is replaced immediately. Rental rates are cheaper than purchasing radio equipment.

To rent radio, please click here to complete your request form  
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